ZoomOut: See the Bigger Picture
Web Design, Mobile Technology & Ad Campaign for on-campus religious awareness

San Francisco State University students come with preconceived notions about religion that weaken their willingness to check out campus resources. The purpose of this study was to develop a visual system that lowers the social barriers and offers opportunities for students to explore religious organizations. 
It was hypothesized that if religious resources had more exposure, students are more willing to check out their events. It was also hypothesized that with a growth in understanding religious ideas, students will feel comfortable exploring the various religious organizations on campus. 

An improved method of outreach that utilizes web and mobile technology to showcase religious events based on individual interest will lower barriers, raise awareness, and offer opportunities for students at San Francisco State University.
Brand Identity  

In an age of too much information, a strong visual brand identity is needed to create appeal and interest. The logo is a magnifying glass with a minus symbol in the center. The simple geometry of the logo allows for a modern trendy feel. The logotype says, “Zoom Out” to encourage students to get past their preconceived notions. Simple message and catchy.
Clean & Identifiable
Mobile Technology
Using QR Codes
From research, a number of students on campus actually possess a smart phone. With a smart phone, students find information instantly and at their convenience. By using QR codes in the ad campaign of this visual system, students will be exposed to the current trends of technology and a way to interact with the virtual world. With QR codes, students can find on-campus religious events based on their individual preference.
QR Codes categorized into different religions. When scanned, users will get a listing relevant to that religion. The main feature emphasized is choice-centric. Available as a scanning option for specific events.
Mobile wayfinding once a ZoomOut.net QR code is scanned. Allows a user to find events based on their availability.
When a user utilizes a browser, he or she will find an event easily. The website will use the interchangeable logo as icons to help the user navigate through the site easily. Different modules are set up so that the user can easily distinguish the information at his or her convenience.
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